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Phones/texting: MOXI3 has a zero-tolerance policy for the use of cell phones during class. All cell phones must be put away or turned off. This is not only a courtesy to your fellow participants, but also a privacy issue. Instructors will take any cell phones if they go off during class {and return once class is finished.} If you are expecting an emergency phone call, please let the front desk know, and we will make arrangements to reach you during class.

Please no chatting once class begins. It is a distraction to fellow clients, is disrespectful to the instructor, and can cause injury if the instructor’s cues are not heard.

Due to privacy issues, please do not photograph or film during a live class. Instructors and staff are happy to take photos and videos before and after class, but any filming during class is strictly prohibited.

If you need to leave class early, please let the instructor know prior to class; otherwise we ask for clients to stay the duration of class as going in and out causes disruption to everyone.

Please be mindful of personal hygiene. Classes get sweaty and hot; please come to class clean and fresh; and don’t neglect your shoes—cycle shoes and sneakers need to be well-ventilated and deodorized.


You must sign a waiver prior to your first class.You must sign a waiver prior to your first class.·  Clients must “sign-in” prior to taking class. If a client does not sign in at the 4 minute mark before class begins, their spot in class may be given away.· 

If you are running late to the studio, please call the front desk to hold your spot.·  Please cancel your reservations by 5pm the day before class in order to not be charged. You can cancel online or by calling the front desk.


Make sure to well hydrate and nourish yourself properly.

Make sure to well hydrate and nourish yourself properly.Please get to the studio at least 15 minutes prior to class.·

Don’t forget your indoor cycling shoes; they can be SPD or Delta LOOK compatible.

Notify your instructor if you have any concerns, injuries, or questions.·

Have the instructor or a staff member review the safety procedures involving resistance.


Each class lasts 45 minutes long
The class rides, in unison to the beat of the music, as directed by the instructor.
Choreography is demonstrated and added to each drill.
Kindly stay with the instructor/class as “going rogue” can be distracting and dangerous to fellow participants.
Always ride with resistance on your wheel; too little resistance can lead to serious injury.
Listen to your body, take necessary breaks and have fun.


Please stay for the stretch, it is a vital component of the workout.
Listen to the instructor for any necessary announcements + specials.
Stop by the front desk and book your next class.