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MOXI3 Yoga is an immersive experience inclusive of traditional yoga asanas, hypnotic music, soothing lighting, and engaging teachers. Our teachers use a combination of movement, music, light and voice to create a dynamic, enthralling experience that allows members to surrender to each pose and sequence and pattern. 



Our Yoga Sculpt classes combine the best in yoga, strength training, and high-intensity cardio. They incorporate traditional yoga asanas and flow in order to improve mobility, balance, breath, and mind-body connection. Free weights, resistance, and strength training exercises are added to intensify poses and further build lean muscle mass. Bursts of cardio are built into the class flow in order to elevate heartrates and improve cardiovascular endurance. Yoga Sculpt relies on breath-to-movement connection, multi-planar movement, and a variety of training techniques to provide a full-body, functional workout that is sure to leave you feeling strong, stretched, and refreshed.