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We are so excited to meet you! Thank you for giving MOXI3 a try.


Make sure to hydrate well and have a light snack.

Arrive at the studio at least 15-minutes prior to class so we can show you around, check you in, get your waiver signed, and introduce you to your coach!·

If you are taking a Cycle class, bring your indoor cycling shoes. MOXI3 bikes are SPD and Delta LOOK compatible. We have rental shoes for $3 if you do not have your own pair. These are free for your first time.

Notify your coach if you have any concerns, injuries, or questions.·



A 45-minute, rhythm-based ride incorporating full-body choreography.

Your coach will cue and demo drills as your mirror image to ensure the class moves in unison.

A variety of heavy climbs, quick jogs, and fast sprints as well as a 3-4 minute upper body weight track.


A 55-minutes circuit workout that focuses on a specific muscle group (i.e. lower body, upper body, core, etc.) and/or exercise style (i.e. cardio, strength training, conditioning, etc.).

Your coach will take you through a quick warm-up and then review fives stations of exercises with the class.

You will move from station-to-station with a group of five and receive encouragement, corrections, and support from your coach throughout the class.


A 45-minute, rhythm-based class incorporating light weights, bands, and full-body movement.

Your coach will cue and demo drills as your mirror image to ensure the class moves together.


A 55-minute immersive experience in which your teacher will guide you through traditional yoga asanas, breath-to-movement sequences, and a rejuvenating savasana.


A 55-minute guided practice utilizing holotropic breath, meditation, guided visualization, and immersive sound and light.


Please stay for the stretch! We take recovery very seriously at MOXI3 and believe targeted stretching is a vital component of each and every one of your workouts.

Listen to the coach for any necessary announcements + specials.

Stop by the front desk to learn about our two week unlimited intro offer.


We require that all guests sign a waiver and check in at the front desk prior to taking class. If a client does not sign in at the 5-minute mark before class begins, their spot in class may be given away to someone on the waitlist.·

If you are running late to the studio, please call the front desk to hold your spot.· Please cancel your reservations by 5pm the day before class in order to avoid charges and allow other guests to book class. You can cancel online or by calling the front desk.

We ask that guests remain off of their phones during classes. It can be both distracting and dangerous to our members.