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By Jaclyn

May 27, 2023

As a MOXI3 member, you understand the value of incorporating several different training styles in your fitness routine. A diverse training routine keeps things interesting, improves adherence, reduces monotony, and yields a wide range of positive health and fitness benefits. Just as each class challenges different muscle groups and energy systems, they also call for different equipment.

Having the right footwear is crucial to maximizing performance, preventing injuries, and ensuring overall comfort and not every shoe is appropriate for every class. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the benefits and features of our favorite shoe options for each MOXI3 class


Strength – Metcon 4 or Vivo Primus Light Knit

Strength involves dynamic movements and heavy weightlifting exercises that demand stability, grip, and support. The most important feature of a strength training shoe is a thin, flat base. Avoiding significant elevation in the sole of the shoe will improve your ability to generate power, maintain stability and grip, and improve foot strength throughout the entirety of your workout.

Two excellent options for Strength are the Metcon 4 and Vivo Primus Light Knit shoes. 


  • Stability and Durability: The Metcon 4 incorporates a flat sole with a reinforced heel and sidewalls, which provide a stable base of support.The shoe is designed with a snug and secure fit to ensure your feet stay in place during intense strength training sessions. It features flywire cables that integrate with the laces, providing a customizable lockdown fit. This feature minimizes foot movement within the shoe, allowing you to focus on generating power and maintaining stability
  • Versatility: Because of the combination of a flat heel with reinforced lateral support, this shoe excels in both weightlifting and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), making it suitable for various strength-based workouts
  • Breathability: The breathable mesh upper helps keep your feet cool and comfortable during intense sessions


  • Natural Movement: The Primus Light Knit is designed with a minimalistic approach, allowing your feet to move and function more naturally. The shoe has a spacious toe box that allows your toes to splay and engage properly during movements. This natural movement can contribute to improved balance, stability, and overall foot strength, which are beneficial for strength training exercises.
  • Lightweight and Flexible: These shoes are exceptionally lightweight, promoting agility and flexibility during strength exercises. The shoe’s flexibility allows for a more unrestricted range of motion, enabling you to perform exercises with greater freedom and proprioception.
  • Barefoot Feel: The ultra-thin sole mimics the feeling of being barefoot, enhancing proprioception and grip. This barefoot-like experience can promote better foot and ankle stability by increasing sensory feedback and allowing for better balance and weight distribution during strength training movements.

Cycle – Tiem or Adidas Parley Road Shoe Boa

Cycle classes at MOXI3 demand shoes that are compatible with our bikes, offer comfort, and provide a secure fit. The most important feature of any cycle shoe is the strength, stability, and durability of its plate. Both Tiem and Adidas offer great options for strong indoor cycling shoes.


  • Efficient Power Transfer: The Tiem shoe is designed with a stiff sole that maximizes power transfer from your legs to the pedals. This feature ensures that your energy is efficiently transferred, allowing you to generate more power with each pedal stroke. The rigid sole minimizes energy loss and helps you maintain a consistent cadence, ultimately improving your overall cycling performance.

  • Style and Cleat Compatibility: These shoes are among the most convenient and functional cycle shoe options on the market. The SPD clip is recessed into the sole of the shoe which allows for easy walking to and from the studio without the difficulty of balancing on an external clip. This means no crowding around benches in the lobby to change your shoes before and after class! You can walk out of the studio and go on with your day without worrying about slipping on a bulky cleat.
  • Ventilation and Moisture Management: Cycling can generate heat and cause your feet to sweat. The Tiem shoe addresses this issue with its breathable construction, featuring perforations or mesh panels that allow for better airflow. This ventilation helps to keep your feet cool and dry during intense rides, enhancing overall comfort and reducing the risk of blisters or discomfort.


  • Boa Closure System:The Parley Road Shoe Boa features the Boa closure system, which provides a secure and customizable fit. The Boa dial allows for micro-adjustments, enabling you to find the perfect fit for your feet. This precise fit ensures that your feet stay in place during intense cycling sessions, maximizing power transfer and reducing the risk of discomfort or hotspots.
  • Sustainability:The Parley Road Shoe Boa combines style with a commitment to sustainability. The shoe features Parley Ocean Plastic, which is made from recycled marine plastic waste. This environmentally conscious approach allows you to support sustainable practices while enjoying a stylish and high-performing indoor cycling shoe.
  • Strong Base and Efficient Power Transfer: Parley Road Shoe’s feature a fiberglass-reinforced plate that transfers power from every pedal stroke. It allows for an even, powerful pedal stroke every time, thus enabling riders to increase resistance while maintaining the cadence of a set.


Shred – Metcon 7

MOXI3’s Shred class is a high-energy, fast-paced workout that combines elements of cardio, strength, and endurance. It is a hybrid training style that requires a versatile, durable, and supportive shoe. The most important feature of a Shred shoe is lateral support.


  • Responsive Cushioning: Shred classes often involve quick movements, jumps, and plyometric exercises that require responsive cushioning to absorb impact and provide energy return. The Metcon 7 is equipped with responsive cushioning in the midsole, allowing for optimal shock absorption and bounce. This cushioning helps reduce the strain on your joints and allows you to perform explosive movements with greater comfort and efficiency.

  • Stability and Durability: The Metcon 7 is renowned for its stability and durability, making it an ideal choice for the dynamic movements and high-impact exercises often performed in HIIT workouts. The shoe features a solid construction, including a reinforced heel and sidewalls, which provide a stable base of support. This stability allows you to maintain proper form, minimize foot movement, and generate power during fast-paced exercises.
  • Traction and Grip: The Metcon 7 features a durable rubber outsole with a tread pattern designed for maximum traction and grip. This feature ensures a secure foothold on various surfaces, including gym floors or outdoor training areas. The enhanced traction helps you maintain stability and control during quick changes of direction and explosive movements common in HIIT workouts.

Yoga – Barefoot

Yoga classes at MOXI3 promote mindfulness, balance, and flexibility. Practicing yoga barefoot is a fundamental aspect of the discipline, and it offers numerous benefits that contribute to the overall experience and effectiveness of the practice.

  • Stability and Balance: Yoga poses often require a strong foundation and a keen sense of balance. Practicing barefoot allows your feet to directly connect with the ground, providing a greater sense of stability and balance. Without the barrier of shoes, you can fully engage the muscles of your feet and toes, which helps improve proprioception (awareness of body positioning) and enhances stability in various poses.

  • Foot Strength and Flexibility: Regularly practicing yoga barefoot helps to strengthen the muscles in your feet. The feet contain numerous small muscles that are often neglected when wearing shoes. By practicing barefoot, you can activate and develop these muscles, improving their strength and flexibility. Strong and flexible feet can contribute to better alignment, improved posture, and a more grounded yoga practice.

  • Body Alignment: Yoga is all about aligning the body in a balanced and harmonious way. When practicing barefoot, you can more easily tune into the alignment of your feet, ankles, and legs. Being aware of how your feet are placed on the mat and how the weight is distributed can have a ripple effect on the rest of your body. Proper foot alignment helps to establish a strong foundation for the entire body, promoting better overall posture and alignment.

  • Energy Flow: In various yoga traditions, it is believed that energy, or prana, flows through the body and is connected to the earth. Practicing yoga barefoot helps to facilitate the flow of this energy, as there is a direct connection between your feet and the earth. This connection is thought to promote grounding, stability, and a sense of being rooted.